Professional Head Shots

Professional Head Shots.

2 thoughts on “Professional Head Shots

  1. Hi Eric,

    I emailed you about headshots but didn’t hear back. Just wanted to follow up to let you know I would really like to schedule a shoot with you in May/June. Would love to do studio/beach if possible. Just let me know what you offer in your head shot package please. I would need 1. full length casual lifestyle shot 2. 3/4 shot casual 3. close up headshot 4. formalwear full length 5. 3/4 length formal 6. headshot formal look 7. athletic wear full length “ad” like shot 8. athletic 3/4 9. athletic headshot 9. full length swimwear 10. 3/4 swimwear 11. headshot/publication style shot. I’m also willing to some posing of your creative ideas. Love your work Eric. Thanks!

    Talk to you soon,
    Jaimie M.

    1. Hello Jaimie,
      Im so sorry, I never saw that email!
      Yes we can set up your shoot,
      The headshot package will include all those shots that you are requesting.
      You’ll have your own gallery to review your proof images,
      It is $250 That is $200 off of my retail price.
      With hair and makeup artist it is $450
      If this sounds good to you, Lets pick a date and time to book your shoot,
      We would require a deposit of $100 to hold that date and time.
      Thank you!

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